Zoom Profil Picture 🧐


As before, there is a possibility to enlarge and download the insta dp from any Instagram account. The zoom even works for private accounts without the need to send them a request.


With a click on "Posts" you get an overview of all posts of the respective Instagram account. A click on it opens the respective picture or video. Click on the download button to download it.


If an Instagram user has saved his favorite stories as highlights, you can also retrieve them. Of course, you can download the insta stories to your smartphone with the Download button.


Similar to the highlights, it also works with stories. Click on "Stories" to get the current content. You can now open them and download them as usual.


izoomyou.com Update 2020 - these are the new features 😁
To make izoomyou.com even faster and easier for you to use, we released an update in August 2020. We have been busy again and added the feature that you can now view and download Instagram Posts, Stories and Highlights. In the following we will go into more detail about the individual functions.
Current requests
In the Current Requests section, located on each page of izoomyou.com, you will find new users. These users have recently been sought by other izoomyou.com visitors. With izoomyou you can now find new and interesting people very quickly!
Top Instagrammers
In this section you will see Instagrammer that are particularly popular on our website. You can now search for them faster
Faster search of Instagram user names
We have also come up with an innovation for the search function! Until now you had to enter a username exactly. Now you don't have to remember it anymore. You can either copy it and paste it from the clipboard, or add a complete link from an Instagram profile. The izoomyou.com website or app will automatically recognize the username in the link and add it to the search box. At the same time you will see the result.
In addition, as with Instagram, you can use the search function to freely search for usernames. Just try it yourself and enter any name you like. The first results will be displayed below, which you can open directly.
izoomyou.com remembers the last search queries
To avoid having to remember and re-enter your username, izoomyou.com will create a search run for you. Here you can see the last Instagram accounts you searched for.



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