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As before, there is a possibility to enlarge and download the insta dp from any Instagram account. The zoom even works for private accounts without the need to send them a request.


With a click on "Posts" you get an overview of all posts of the respective Instagram account. A click on it opens the respective picture or video. Click on the download button to download it.


If an Instagram user has saved his favorite stories as highlights, you can also retrieve them. Of course, you can download the insta stories to your smartphone with the Download button.


Similar to the highlights, it also works with stories. Click on "Stories" to get the current content. You can now open them and download them as usual.

Full-Size Instagram Profile Pictures


No matter whos Instagram profile pictures you would like to check, izoomYou lets’ you enlarge it with just a few clicks. Once seen, users can download the profile pictures as well.


Click on the posts to see all the uploaded files of your favorite Insta users. To download any of the content, click on that post, and then click on the download option to download it.


Want to retrieve the highlighted content of your favorite Instagrammer? Easy! IzoomYou lets you see who has highlighted what and retrieve them easily with just a few clicks.


Stories stay for only 24-hours. Add the user's Insta handle name, click on stories, and then click on the download option to download the story, and that’s it!

If you want to see someone’s full-size Instagram profile pictures but don’t know how, use izoomYou, which will allow you to check out full-size Instagram profile pictures efficiently. We let you see anyone’s Instagram profile pictures in high quality. You can use izoomYou to download the profile picture later as well. It will hardly take you a few seconds. Whenever you open someone’s account, you will notice that it shows you a round image of the profile picture, and the image is tiny. Instagram doesn’t offer any feature through which you can click on the profile picture and enlarge it. This is the reason why izoomYou is here with our full-size Instagram profile picture feature. Our website is mobile-friendly, which means even if you want to check out someone’s profile picture on your mobile phone, you can comfortably do that. Great user-experience is guaranteed.

How does izoomYou work?

We understand that you might want to see someone’s full-size profile picture. Going through the feeds of public profiles is easy. You simply click on one of the posts available on the feed, and that’s about it; the large size image will pop-up. But even with public profiles, watching the full-size profile picture is not possible at all. IzoomYou solves this problem. This is what you need to do.
Step 1: Go to Instagram and copy the Instagram handle of your favorite celebrity or person.
Step 2: Visit izoomYou. You will see a search bar on the top of our website, paste the copied Instagram handle on the search box. Wait for a few seconds for the profile to appear on our platform.
Step 3: Once the profile appears, you will see the profile picture, along with the feed. Please note that some profiles can be private. We will give you an option to download the full-size Instagram profile picture. Click on the download option.
Step 4: You will see the high-resolution Instagram profile picture, which is ready for download; click on download, and there you go.
Whether the account is private or public, you will get to see the profile picture no matter what. The downloaded image will have the same image quality as the original image. izoomYou is the best application to use to view and download any person’s profile picture.

Why Use izoomYou?

izoomYou is a trustworthy application to view and download full-size Instagram profile pictures. We save a lot of your time. No need to take screenshots of the profile. And neither will you have to worry about losing the image size and picture quality. You can’t really save profile pictures and feed images without using any third-party tool, which in this is the case is us, izoomYou. Once you download the high-definition image that you have downloaded, you can use it to repost it on your account, share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. izoomYou will also let you save and view profile pictures from business profiles as well. No matter what size or dimension the picture has, through izoomYou, you can easily take a look at the profile picture.

IzoomYou New Features

We updated izoomYou in August 2020 so that your experience can be enhanced. Check out the list of cool features that have been included apart from downloading and viewing Instagram posts, stories, and highlights.
Current Requests
We have added a current requests section where you will find new engaging Instagram users that other izoomYou users have sorted. This way, you will come across exciting people quickly and easily. No need to spend hours looking for attractive and interesting people.
Top Instagrammers
Another feature that we have added is top Instagrammers. Use this section to see who is currently leading on Instagram. Follow them, see their profile picture, posts, and stories, or download their posts. Do whatever you want to.
Faster Instagram Name Search
On top of the website, you will see a newly added search function. That’s new, everyone! All you need to do is enter the Instagram handle of a person. Once done, you will never feel the need to enter the username again because izoomYou will store the username.
Last Search Queries
Why waste so much time by remembering who you searched for the last couple of times? izoomYou will store every username that you searched so that you can go through their posts and feeds again without having to remember their usernames.

View Full-Size Instagram Profile Pictures Today!

Whether you want to check out the full-size Instagram profile pictures of some celebrities or your school crush, use izoomYou to quickly see their profile pictures, stories, feeds, and highlights. Whether the account is private or public, we will let you see the full-size Instagram profile pictures of everyone! izoomYou makes everything easy. Once you download the image of any profile picture, the image will be saved in your download folder. While saving the image, you can enter a name for the image to search for it easily. The Instagram profile picture will normally be 150 x 150. Even if you take a screenshot, once you zoom it, the image will start to pixelate. The best way to see the full-size Instagram profile pictures is by using this tool. Try izoomYou today! Type in the username of any Instagram user, and check it out for yourself!


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