Browse Instagram pictures without accidentally liking them 🧐

Published at 08.09.2019

Instagram offers a great way to find out about other people and spy on them. However, it's easy to get caught out if you accidentally double press on a post while swiping or scrolling and suddenly you've given it a Like. Damn! Surely this has already happened to one or the other. In this post, we'll show you how to browse Instagram pictures without accidentally liking them.

Here's how to avoid accidentally liking pictures while browsing Instagram

1st possibility: Flight mode

Even if it may seem a little cumbersome, it works and you are on the safe side!
  1. Visit the respective account of the person with whom you want to browse images.
  2. Select the first image so that you get into the individual view. The subsequent images from the account have already been loaded and are ready for viewing.
  3. Now you quickly switch to flight mode. This succeeds with many smartphone models best by pulling down the menu with the settings and activate the flight mode here (small airplane icon).
  4. If you're done and have looked at all the pictures, you exit Instagram and turn off the flight mode again.

2nd option and significantly better:

With the service you can enlarge an Instagram profile picture and even view entire accounts including posts, stories and highlights. There is even an Android app available for this, which can be downloaded for free. The advantage: No login and no registration is required.
  1. Visit the page of
  2. In the field "username/link" enter the username from the Instagram account, or the full link from the profile. The tool will automatically detect the username.
  3. In the results, you will already see the account where you want to view the images. Click on it to open it. Now you can browse all the posts like pictures, videos and stories without having a guilty conscience. Accidentally given Likes belong to the past!

However, for browsing the account is a prerequisite that this was not set to private. Otherwise it looks bad and you see only the profile picture.


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