Change Instagram name and username 🧐

Published at 30.03.2020

In this post, you'll learn all about your Instagram name and username and how you can change both. However, there are a few little things you should keep in mind, which we will also cover!

Your Instagram name tells other users which company is behind the page or who you are. It is in the first place when someone visits your profile. For this reason, you should choose a reasonable name, by which you can be directly recognized and identified.

The one or the other has certainly played with the idea of changing his Instagram name and username. This can have different reasons. For example, because you want to give your private account a funny name. If you have a business account, you may want to serve a new niche and therefore change the name.

What is the difference between Instagram username and name?

Before we get started with how to change your Instagram name and username, we'll first go over the difference between the two terms.

The Instagram username is unique

  • Probably the biggest difference is that your username is unique. Once you have chosen it for yourself, no other user can use it.
  • At the same time, the username serves as the profile link of your Instagram account. This is the unique code or ID number, which is located right after the web address of Instagram. In our case, that's
  • Now if you change your username, the link
# also changes.

The profile name has no restrictions

  • In addition to the username, you assign a normal profile name. This can be any and is independent of the Instagram link. Here you can alternatively to the name of your company or to your person also just use any phrase, emojis or anything else.
  • In addition to the username you assign a normal profile name. This can be any and is independent of the Instagram link. Here you can alternatively to the name of your company or to your person also simply use any phrase, emojis or anything else.

Not all social media platforms allow you to change your username

If you register in a forum or on any other social media platform, you also have to assign a user name. Once the registration is complete, this name is fixed and can no longer be changed afterwards.
On Instagram, on the other hand, things look a little different. Here there is still the possibility to make changes, which is quite practical.

And here's how to change your Instagram username and name

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to change your name and username in Instagram:

  1. First, open the Instagram app as usual
  2. Click on the small profile icon in the bottom menu bar on the far right
  3. On your profile page, click on the button "Edit profile" a little further up. This is located directly below the bio (profile).
  4. Now you see the two fields "Name" and "Username", to which you can make appropriate changes.
  5. With a click on the small blue hook in the upper right corner, you take over the changes to save everything. Both new names are active from now on.

Can I reuse my old Instagram username after changing it?

You can change and adapt the regular name as often as you like. However, the situation is different with the username. Here it is important to note the following:

  • Would you like to get your old username back and reuse, you can do this only after 14 days. Because the old username will be blocked for a whole 2 weeks and only then released again.
  • In addition, you should think very carefully about whether you really want to replace your old username with a new one. Because as soon as you no longer use it, it is available to all other users. With a little bad luck, after 2 weeks someone else has used it and you can not use it a second time.

You should also note the following before changing

If you want to change your Instagram name and username, you should also consider other important points:

  • Even if you have a certain size and some followers, you should enjoy the change of the username with caution. Because just the username is a unique selling point of your profile.
  • A disadvantage can be that you lose in the course of the change some followers, which you have built up with hard work.
  • You should also not underestimate the point links! This is especially true for Instagram company accounts and well-known influencers with over 100,000 followers. If you're a household name, there's a good chance you'll be linked to in blog posts, magazines, and all other websites. If you change your username, the link to your profile will also change. Thus, all other old links are gone!
  • Finally, your Instagram profile is taken out a few days in search engines such as Google or Bing and only later re-indexed. During this period, interested parties will not find your account, which in turn you lose valuable traffic and thus followers and likes.

Please heed all these consequences and think carefully about whether it is really worth it to you.

  • In addition to Instagram, you are certainly also active on other social media portals. Here you should also make the changes, so that username and name are identical everywhere.
  • Has you decided to change the username, be sure to inform your followers about it. Users tend to quickly kick unknown accounts from their list, which will systematically lose you followers. Optionally, you can create a post or a story. Of course, both is also possible.
  • Do you run a website or link your social media accounts among themselves? Then you should replace all links inserted there with the new ones, so that no link corpses arise and you still direct streams of visitors to your accounts.


Small individuals with maybe 300 followers can easily change your username without any serious consequences. It looks different, however, if you are a well-known influencer or even run a corporate account. Here you should be aware of the disadvantages and risks, which such a change brings with it.

If you can not avoid a change at all, you should definitely follow our tips. For example, you should change the corresponding links on your other channels afterwards, so that visitors do not miss anything.


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