How to receive notifications from Instagram 🧐

Published at 04.08.2019

Enable Instagram notifications

Whether it's athletes, musicians, or just your best friend or buddy. Everyone follows certain celebrities or people they are most interested in on Instagram. So it's even nicer to see a new picture or video in your timeline. Additionally, if you follow an Instagram account, you have the option to enable notifications. This way, you will be notified as soon as a new post or story is published.

To enable notifications from your favorite Instagrammer

  1. Open the Instagram app and the account of the person you want to activate notifications for.
  2. Directly below the profile description, on the far left, is the "Subscribed" button. Tap on it.
  3. A menu opens, in which you will see, among other things, the entry "Notifications". Tap on it to open the settings.
  4. Now you have the option to enable notifications for posts and stories. By default, this feature is disabled. Press the buttons on the far right to enable the features.

Alternative for other device versions

It may be the case that a different app version is installed on your device. If the upper settings do not work, please proceed as follows:

  1. Open as usual the account for which you want to activate the notifications.
  2. Press the top right on the three small dots to open the menu.
  3. At the bottom you will see the entry "Enable notifications". Press it to change the settings.


Every time your favorite Instagrammer posts a new post or story now, you'll receive notifications. If you want to disable notifications, follow the same procedure.

Info: If you activate the notifications for an account, this account will not be informed!


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