HOW TO: View private profiles on Instagram 🧐

Published at 16.03.2020

Probably the most frequently asked and popular question among Instagram users is: How to view private profiles on Instagram? Because not everyone wants to follow another person right away to see their content like pictures, videos and stories.

In this post, we address this question. At the same time, we'll show you what options you have to view the content of private Instagram profiles. Of course, you don't have to follow them in the process.

Imagine the following situation: You just met someone and want to learn more about them after a date. Meanwhile, you have found out from telling that he or she also has an Instagram account. After a short search you find what you are looking for. But then: Crap, the account is set to private!

Here you can only see the profile picture and the profile description. Other content such as pictures, videos and stories remain hidden from you. A follower request you want to send of course not so fast. After all, who wants to be seen as an Instastalker? This thing can backfire, so don't do it!

Instastalker - What exactly is that?

In the age of social media and networking, it can be pretty easy to find out information about a particular person. For some, therefore, it has become a regular sport to check out a number of Instagram profiles at regular intervals to get news. That's exactly WHAT Instastalkers are!

Meanwhile, many users are playing it safe as word has already spread about the Instastalker phenomenon. They switch their Instagram profile to "private" so that their content is only available to approved friends and acquaintances.

How do I set my Instagram profile to private?

Are you one of those who have not yet set their profile to private? Then you should urgently catch up if you want more security and privacy. So Instastalker have no chance to see your content and possibly do nonsense with it.

This applies primarily to private individuals. If you are an influencer or present your company/business on Instagram, you should of course show the account to the public and not set it to private. This is the only way to ensure that you get the maximum reach.

Here's how to set your Instagram profile to private:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone or tablet
  2. Click on the small profile icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the menu bar
  3. Then press the icon with the three small dashes in the top right-hand corner
  4. Now select "Settings" next to the small gear icon, to open the settings
  5. Then select "Account Privacy"
  6. In the new menu, press the button to the right of "Private Account" to activate the private mode. This is now highlighted in blue and your profile is now private.
Note: Depending on the app version and operating system (Android, iOS), the menu navigation may be slightly different. However, the procedure is similar for all versions.

Are Instastalkers looking at my profile? How do I find out?

Instagram itself does not offer its users a function that shows who has visited their own profile. However, some providers advertise their services, which supposedly inform about a visit and record these as statistics.

However, we advise you not to use such services, because you usually have to log into your Instagram account via their portal. Thus, service providers have your login information, which can have a negative impact on account security. Because you never know 100% who exactly is behind this service!

How to open and view private profiles on Instagram?

Instagram users are constantly looking for new ways to view a private Instagram profile without having to follow it.

Theoretically, it does not work without a normal follow, unless you reach a little into the bag of tricks! Whether these methods are morally correct, we leave it for now. Here everyone can form their own opinion about it ;)With the following methods you show the content of private Instagram accounts:

1. create a doppelganger account

With this method it should work in any case, but it borders quite strongly on the bag of tricks of a true Instastalker!
If you know the circle of acquaintances or friends of the Instagram account owner, you create a new Instagram account and use similar based profile pictures and information. This includes:
  • Similar first and last name
  • Similar or same profile picture
  • Information such as place of residence, interests, etc.

Be sure to put a little effort into research and creation, not that the action is blown. Otherwise, all the work was in vain.

2. search username on other platforms

Not only Instagram, but also many other platforms and especially search engines are full of all the information. Included are also personal references and just pictures that support you in your research and possibly bring you to your goal.

Do the following:
  • Enter the username of Instagram 1:1 into the search engine Google. Many users do not bother to use a different username each time they register.
  • Another option is to enter the full first and last name(+ additionally place of residence) into Google. This also provides quite useful information.
  • Use Google Image Search to search directly for existing images. You can, for example, enter the respective username on our portal izoomYou to view and enlarge the profile picture. Then you click with the right mouse button on the picture and select the command "Search for picture with Google" Directly afterwards the Google image search appears with corresponding results. This feature works with the Google Chrome internet browser.

    3. Create Instagram Fake Account

    If you want to remain completely unrecognized and don't want to send a follower request with your own Instagram profile, create a fake account.While registering, enter any information, choose a picture and collect some random followers on public pages, etc.
    • Make sure to choose a believable first and last name
    • Go ahead and be a bit more professional and create a decent profile description that points to a real person
    • Build up followers gradually and follow other accounts/pages. Or would you accept a request from someone who doesn't have any followers?

    4. Use a friend's Instagram account

    Do you have a buddy or friend who might send that particular person a request? After all, they don't know each other so you won't blow your cover.
    What also works are acquaintances, work colleagues and the like. Stop people who are friends with you through corners. Just ask, maybe the one or the other will do you the favor.

    5. use tools for the display of private profiles

    On the Internet circulates a variety of different tools that advertise to reveal private Instagram profiles. These are not only able to enlarge and download profile pictures, but also reveal the complete profile with content.

    However, such services are to be enjoyed with caution. You do not know who is behind it and how the methods run. Try at your own risk!


    If we're honest, there's a little stalker in all of us. After all, the social networks are full of accounts and corresponding people. So why not just take a look at what the person is up to.

    While some methods are morally acceptable, others are simply immoral. Which one you use is ultimately up to you to decide. This article only informs on this topic, but does not encourage you to implement certain methods.

    Because: Everyone has to know for himself if he wants to be Instastalker or not ;) :D


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