Published at 18.03.2021

Easily zoom in and download Instagram pictures with instadp. You've never been able to see feed posts, stories and profile pictures so quickly and easily. Don't zoom with the 2 finger system anymore, just use insta zoom from

What is instadp?

With insta zoom, you can see and zoom in on all your public posts on Instagram - and even download them, thanks to us. The features are available to you 24/7, and it's free.

The Insta Zoom feature has always been the highlight of (previously and we're still proud to support so many Instagram fans. But we also thought to ourselves: there's more. Zooming is just the beginning, with us you'll see stories, highlights and reels, that you can download instantly.

Can you see instadp?

Insta zoom is 100 percent anonymous. Since you don't have to sign in, the person behind the account doesn't see what you see or do. There is no notification or warning. So no one can see instadp.

You therefore use insta zoom easily without an Instagram account if you want to. This is an incredible advantage, because many people think they have to have an Instagram account to use the app's features. After all, Instagram itself always displays the notice, "Please sign in." Now you can easily bypass that.

Can I enlarge Instagram profile pictures?

We've all been there: we find an interesting profile on Instagram and wonder what's actually on the profile picture. With insta zoom, the guesswork is now over. You search for the profile on our site or in the app and instantly the profile picture is displayed in full size and you can see every little detail.

With insta zoom you can also see and zoom in on profile pictures from private accounts. And even download them with one click on Try it out right now!

Is insta zoom legal?

It's perfectly legal to view and zoom in on profile pictures, feed posts and stories via insta zoom. Even downloading these images and videos is no problem, as long as you don't redistribute them afterwards - then copyright law kicks in.

What are the benefits of insta zoom?

With insta zoom from, you can finally stop taking annoying creenshots. Plus, you don't have to watch out if you accidentally like a picture you secretly wanted to peek at, because you stay anonymous. And it's just handy to be able to view, enlarge and save pictures, videos and highlights on your laptop or PC too. Have fun with it!


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