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Change Instagram name and username

Published at 30.03.2020

In this post, you'll learn all about your Instagram name and username and how you can change both. However, there are a few little things you should keep in mind, which we will also cover!

Your Instagram name tells other users which company is behind the page or who you are. It comes first when someone visits your profile. For this reason, you should choose a reasonable name by which people can directly recognize and identify you.

One or the other has certainly played with the idea of changing his Instagram name and username. This can have different reasons. For example, because you want to give your private account a funny name. If you have a business account, you may want to serve a new niche and therefore change the name.

What is the difference between Instagram username and name?

Before we jump through with how to change your Instagram name and username, let's first go over the difference between the two terms.

The Instagram username is unique


The profile name has no restrictions

Not all social media platforms allow you to change your username

If you register in a forum or on any other social media platform, you also have to assign a user name. Once the registration is completed, this name is fixed and cannot be changed afterwards.
Instagram, on the other hand, is a bit different. Here, there is still the possibility to make changes, which is quite practical.

And here's how to change your Instagram username and name

In this step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to change your name and username on Instagram:

  1. First open the Instagram app as usual
  2. Click on the small profile symbol in the bottom menu bar on the far right.
  3. On your profile page, click a little further up on the button "Edit profile". This is located directly below the bio (profile).
  4. Now you see the two fields "Name" and "Username", where you can make appropriate changes.
  5. With a click on the small blue hook in the upper right corner you apply the changes to save everything. Both new names are active from now on.

Can I reuse my old Instagram username after changing it?

You can change and adapt the regular name as often as you like. However, the situation is different with the username. Here it is important to note the following:

You should also note the following before changing

If you want to change your Instagram name and username, you should also consider other important points:

Please take all these consequences to heart and think carefully about whether it is really worth it to you.


Small individuals with maybe 300 followers can easily change your username without any serious consequences. The situation is different, however, if you are a well-known influencer or even operate a corporate account. Here you should be aware of the disadvantages and risks that such a change brings with it.

If you can't avoid a change at all, you should definitely follow our tips. For example, you should change the corresponding links on your other channels afterwards, so that visitors don't miss anything.