Published at 14.02.2020

Hey guys, it's time again for a news post, in which we want to inform you about all recent and future changes! Among other things, it's about the name change and our planned merchandise shop!

Change of website name - changes to

Some of you have surely noticed that the usual address automatically changes to after opening the page. And that has its correctness!

We have long thought back and forth, how we can expand and make not only the German users also international users happy. So we came to the decision, among other things, to change the website name and thus the Internet address to
Of course, the old address is still available and redirects you automatically. Matching the new label, we have also created a matching new logo and directly adapted everywhere. Looks cool, right? ;)

Otherwise, everything remains the same in terms of functions. You can call as usual individual profiles, enlarge profile pictures, download and browse status and stories. Aaaabut there are also more surprises!

Coming soon: The Merchandise Shop

But that's not all. In addition to the name change, we have considered to start with a merchandise shop. Soon it will go online and you will be able to order hoodies, t-shirts and many other stylish merchandising items with an logo.

The reason for this is the high demand. Some users had and still have serious interest in izoomYou shirts, caps and co. And now it is finally time. As soon as the shop goes online, we will of course notify you so that you can secure a copy.

Soon cool izoomYou stickers will also be available to order

In addition, we have received one or the other request for stickers from izoomYou. These are also already in planning and will soon be available hot off the press in the online shop. So you can order a few cool stickers in addition to a hoodie.
When the stickers are available, we will let you know of course also promptly.

That's it with the updates! Continue to have fun with the new izoomYou, where only the name and logo have changed. Otherwise, you can still use us and access profiles, enlarge and download profile pictures.

Do you have any questions, suggestions or even ideas for improvement? You are welcome to write to us via the contact form and tell us your concern. We will get back to you as soon as possible to take care of your request.


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