The Best 10 Instagram Analytics Tools 🧐

Published at 30.03.2020

In recent years, Instagram has become one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms. Along with individuals, more and more businesses are joining to showcase their latest trends and products. This is the reason why Instagram is perfect for placing advertisements.

For all online marketers, Instagram provides an analytics feature that delivers interesting information. If this is not enough for you, you can opt for so-called social media analysis tools, which offer great added value.

In this article, we present the best 10 social media analysis tools that are currently available on the market.

1. brandwatch consumer research

The Brandwatch Consumer Research tool provides interesting information. From the number of followers, to mentions, to all other interactions.

You can use the social listening product as a powerful analysis tool for your Instagram pages and channels. Additionally, a channel feature is included that allows you to set up Instagram accounts and get data for all areas.

Another highlight is the powerful dashboard. Here you have the option to segment individual components and Brandwatch Analytics by sentiment and emotion. You can then combine this data with other data sources.

2. quintly

With quintly you get a practical and clear dashboard tool that is compatible with multiple social media networks. On the dashboard, you position all the desired metrics and information with the help of widgets.

At the push of a button, there are all Instagram analytics such as followers from your own channel, but also those of your competitors. Which of your content such as photos or videos trigger the most interactions? You can find out with various filters.

3. squarelovin

Squarelovin is a free analytics platform that shows, among other things, the growth of your account and numerous metrics of your most recently published posts. In addition, you can find out how the numbers have developed in recent days, weeks, months and years.

Which are your top posts, how high are the interactions and when is it worth publishing a post? You can find out all this in the Optimization tab.

Also handy: To visit other profiles with your Instagram profile and comment or like posts, you can stay directly in Squarelovin.

4. socialbakers

Socialbakers is also great if you are looking for a free social media analysis tool. Here you create your own and individual dashboards with the respective statistics.

In addition, you learn which posts were the most successful, which hashtags you used most often and how fast your follower community is growing.

If you want to use even more information and get more values, an upgrade to Socialbakers Pro is necessary. But that's available for as little as $20 a month, which is quite reasonable. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Co. are also compatible with this.

5 Union Metrics

With Union Metrics you get all the basic details and information about your social media account. You can grab metrics and statistics about your posts and compare them with those of your competitors, among others. If desired, this report is conveniently updated every 24 hours, so that you are always up to date.

In addition, you will learn here on what day and at what time you have published posts. Thus you can determine at the same time, when the right time for new posts is. You will also be shown the posts with the most successful hashtags, i.e. the most likes or comments.

6. for sight

The social media analysis tool ForSight shows you current details about interactions, followers, posts and more.

Here you can even learn more about your images by performing a corresponding analysis. Automatically find out what you have published in the last weeks, months and years, and what has achieved the most interactions.

7. Instagram Insights

In addition to all external tools that offer their platforms and services, Instagram of course also has its own social media analysis: Insights.

As already mentioned, you do not get too much and in-depth information here. But if you are only looking for basic data such as follower count or impressions, Instagram Insights is enough.

Look at the statistics of individual posts and compare them with other posts if necessary. Thus, you can find out which posts perform best and recognize a good strategy, for example, which hashtags work best and get the most likes.

Instagram Insights is also great if you are looking for a free social media analysis tool for Instagram.

8. iconsquare

On the dashboard of Iconosquare you have some setting options. So you can, among other things, look at the activities of the last days or months exactly and compare with each other.

In addition, there is a separate content tab, which shows density, tags and dispersion and compares with each other. In the Optimization tab, you can find out when you published posts and what your best times were as a result. Which hashtags pull best and which less?

In addition, there are some more useful features. So that you can convince yourself, Iconosquare provides you with a 14-day test account, in which you can completely look around and familiarize yourself with the tools.

9. hype auditor

The Hype Auditor is a powerful social media analysis tool and is especially suitable for influencers, companies and marketers. In addition to reports such as age groups, number of followers and demographic information, users can also learn how successful their campaigns are and which posts achieve the most interactions. So you can continue with strategy in the future and stay on track for success.

Also, filter out specific audiences to get the best quality possible. An intelligent AI will also tell you which marketers and influencers are boosting themselves through fake followers and other means.

10th Combin

Freelancers and entrepreneurs benefit from Combin, because the social media analysis tool works much more efficiently.

This also applies to the advanced search function. Hereby you do not only search for conventional Instagram posts. You can also compare the search results with each other, for example, by hashtags and locations. This way, you filter the results based on likes and comments and find out what has a high relevance.


Instagram Insights gives you basic stats like follower count or likes. But often influencers want to know much more about their posts. For this purpose, social media analysis tools are excellent.

With the help of such tools, you can learn, for example, which of your posts have achieved the most interactions and how it actually came to that. Were certain hashtags successful here? Or were perhaps the post time and the day of the week decisive for this? You can find all this out with the analysis tools.


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