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What is an Instagram hashtag?

Published at 26.07.2020

A hashtag is a word preceded by a pound symbol (#). It categorizes the content uploaded on the social network Instagram although, it is also used on Twitter and Facebook.

If you want to reach a larger audience with your content, it’s very important to use hashtags on Instagram in the best way possible.


Instagram makes a daily effort to keep their platform clean. To do so, on top of identifying and eliminating fake accounts and spam, they focus on making sure things are properly tagged so users interested in a topic or specific person are able to find it easily.
It’s crucial that you tag your publications properly. If you use the most popular hashtags related to your material you will ensure that you do it right.
If you also want better visibility and reach with your post, you should consider some of the best and most popular hashtags on Instagram that can be used for almost every topic.

Why use hashtags?
Using hashtags on Instagram is one of the best ways to increase followers, expose your brand and connect to your audience.
They say that hashtags are useful to get more likes or followers, although hashtags are utilized to make sure publications are found easily.
When the reach of a publication is higher, the content normally gets more likes and in turn, it might increase the number of followers who tag that content.

Following hashtags on Instagram
Instagram keeps adding new updates. Thanks to the new feature that they recently added, you can now follow a hashtag, the same way you follow users. This is relevant because it lets you be up to date with all the content published under a specific hashtag.