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What is izoomyou.com?
izoomyou.com gives you the ability to browse Instagram profiles and view and download profile pictures, posts and stories. All you need to do is enter the username or link from your Instagram account in the search bar. Afterwards you get full access to the respective profile.
Can you see Instagram Posts without logging in?
Yes, no login is required to view Instagram Posts. The only requirement is that the Instagram account must be publicly accessible and not set to private .
Can Instagram posts, stories and highlights be downloaded?
With izoomyou.com it is easy to download posts, stories and highlights. Click on the menu items Highlights, Posts or Stories on the respective Instagram account. Select an entry to open it. Now you can download it with a right click on it. You will find a download button for this in the app.
Is izoomyou.com anonymous?
Yes! While you browse other Instagram profiles with izoomyou.com, no one will notice. So you can't get caught, for example, if you accidentally give a Like for a post. You are not online with your account on izoomyou.com!
Can I download an Instagram profile picture?
  1. Use the search bar to open the relevant Instagram account by entering its username or profile URL.
  2. After you have opened the profile, select the lower thumbnail on the account to enlarge it. With a right click you can download it now. In the app, you have to press the download button.
How can you download pictures from Instagram?
To download images from Instagram, you must enter the account username in the search bar and open the profile. Now you have the possibility to download the profile picture and the post pictures. Click on the picture to open it, then right-click on it to download it. In the izoomyou.com app it works with the download button.
How to view Instagram profile pictures
If you want to view Instagram profile pictures, on izoomyou.com you must enter the username in the search bar and open the account. Now click on the profile picture below to view and enlarge it.
How can you see profile pictures on Instagram?
To view profile pictures on Instagram, go to izoomyou.com and enter the desired username in the search bar. Then click on the profile picture at the bottom of the account to enlarge it.
How to download and save videos from Instagram
To download and save videos from Instagram (articles and stories), follow these steps:
  1. Open the respective Instagram profile by entering the username or URL in the search bar.
  2. Then click on posts, stories or highlights where the videos are located. Open the respective post.
  3. To save the video, click on it with the right mouse button and choose save video as . Alternatively, in the izoomyou.com app, select the download button.
Is there an app that lets you view Instagram images?
With the izoomyou.com app you can view and even download all Instagram images including profile images from one account.
Is there an app where you can download Instagram videos?
To download Instagram videos, you use the izoomyou.com app. It is available for free download at Google Play
Can you view Instagram photos without registration?
Yes, that works! On izoomyou.com you have the possibility to view Instagram photos without registration. All you have to do is enter your username in the search bar and open your account. Afterwards you can view all Instagram photos.
How does a profile picture zoom work with Instagram?
To zoom in on Instagram's profile image, enter the username of the Instagram user on izoomyou.com and open the profile. Click on the profile picture at the bottom to enlarge it.