Instagram Reels Downloader 🧐


Go on Instagram to a reel of your choice and click the Share button. There you will find another button with which you can copy the link.


Include the link from the clipboard into the given on this site search bar.


to start Click on the orange search button to the right of the search bar to download.


Now you have to do under the displayed video press the download button. The video downloads and you can share it with your friends!

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a great new way to share short video clips with your friends and the entire community. In many places, the tool is already rolled out and usable. However, the new feature is not yet available everywhere, but that should happen soon. In this post, we'll tell you what Instagram Reels are, how to create them, and even how to download them from our site.

What are Instagram Reels?

Thanks to Instagram Reels, you have the opportunity to discover short and entertaining videos and even create them yourself. By now, the feature is already available on many devices. Can't find it in your app yet? Then you'll probably have to wait a little longer, but it shouldn't take too long. With Instagram Reels, the door is wide open. Create fun videos with just a few clicks, then share them with your subscribers and/or the entire Instagram community. Then they're listed in the Instagram Explore tab in the appropriate Reels category for everyone to see. The short clips are always 15 seconds long. After recording, you have the option to additionally edit them with sounds, effects and other creations. Once everything is done, the new Reels video can be published.

Where can I find the Instagram Reels?

As mentioned earlier, you can find public Instagram reels and those of your subscribed accounts in the Explore tab. Clicking on it will show you all available videos that have been published. In addition, you can use the search function as usual to search for popular reels on specific topics.

How do I create new reels?

Want to create short and fun reels clips and then share them on Instagram? All it takes is a few steps. Open the Instagram app and then the Instagram camera, which you also use to create posts, stories and live streamings. Here you will find directly below the record button also the entry "Reels".
In addition, you are now on the left side of various creative tools to choose from:

  • AR Effects: In the large gallery, you'll find a wide variety of effects to record and style your clips with. Included are effects from Instagram as well as other creators.
  • Audio: Instagram has compiled a music library in which you can pick out a suitable song. But of course, you can also record the video classically with your own sound. What's special: If you create a Reels video with original sound, an additional audio track is created for this. If your account is a public account, this audio track is also available to other users. They can then use your soundtrack for their own reels.
  • Tempo: Do you want to adjust the speed? You can choose to slow down or speed up just the video, audio track, or both. For example, this feature is great if you want to create slow-motion reels.
  • Timer and Countdown: Record Instagram reels while keeping your hands free? A dream! For this, just activate the timer, position your smartphone accordingly and off you go. The 3-2-1 countdown appears, get ready!
  • Align: If you create multiple Reels clips for a series, the Align feature will help you get the right position every time. For example, if you want to put on a different outfit for every single clip.

    How are Instagram reels shared? Who can see my reels?

    Once you've created an Instagram Reel video and published it to your account, it's available to your subscribers and/or the entire Instagram community. The key here is whether your account is public or private.

    • Private Account: If your Instagram account is set to private, only your subscribers will be able to see your reels. They will not be displayed in the public Explore tab. The same goes for the audio tracks you used to design your reels.
    • Public account: On the other hand, if your account is public to the entire Instagram community, your reels will also show up in the Explore tab. You can also share them with your subscribers. Furthermore, you have the option to send Instagram reels to your friends via direct message. If you've found a great reel clip and want to share it with your subscribers, you can also upload it directly to your Story and share it.
      Tip: If you use reels with certain hashtags, songs, or effects, they will also appear on the corresponding theme pages when someone clicks on the same effect, song, or hashtag on another reel. This can increase your reach.

    Can Instagram Reels be downloaded by other users?

    However, we have come up with something suitable for this. With our Instagram Reels Downloader, all you have to do is paste the reel link and you can download the clip instantly.

    You can download Instagram Reels at!

    You want to download Instagram Reels? For this purpose, has added a corresponding function. With just a few clicks you can download reels to your smartphone or PC.

    And this is how it works:

    1. Open the Instagram app and click on the reel you want to download.
    2. Then click on the share button to open the selection window with all the sharing options. Here, select the "Copy link" or "Copy to clipboard" option.
    3. Visit the Instagram Reels Downloader page. Click on the search bar at the top and paste the reel video link you just copied here. After that, click on the small orange search icon to get to the reel video.
    4. Now you will be shown the reel video. Here you click on the "Download button" to download the clip. Now it is on your smartphone or computer and you can watch it or share it with friends.

    Conclusion about Instagram Reels

    With Reels, the makers of Instagram have once again come up with something new to quickly and easily create short and entertaining clips. One thing is already clear: Instagram Reels is very similar to the videos from TikTok and thus represents a corresponding counterpart. We're excited to see what other features Reels will soon have to offer and how it will be received by you.


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