Published at 02/11/2021

In the schools, on the streets, in all of our lives, Corona, aka COVID. 19, has left its mark. And sadly, we're not over it yet. So it's no surprise that Instagram isn't just carrying on as it did before the pandemic.

The following changes have occurred since the Corona crisis began -. some were made immediately, others are still fairly recent. One thing they have in common, however: Instagram, in this time of crisis, is an additional tool for Information and for cohesion. That's partly because Instagram is always trying to keep up with the times the times, and on the other hand, it's because its users have also Changes have gone through.

What Instagram has changed within the app

The first six changes have been made by Instagram itself been made. Several features are currently part of the App concept. All of them are intended to make it easier and more more conscientiously navigate through this crisis.

Information display WHO in search

Anyone who wants to start a search on Instagram has for some time been seeing the following words: "Fighting COVID-19." Below that, there are two Instagram channels that will be displayed to any searcher, whether or not he subsequently searches for #motivationmonday or Cristiano Ronaldo Wants to look for.

The first account belongs to the Federal Department of Health While it doesn't deal exclusively with Corona, at the moment. this topic takes up more space than anything else. Thus, clicking on the account is also one of the quickest ways to find new information about Corona and protective measures.

The second account belongs to the World Health Organisation, WHO for short. This branch of the United Nations provides references in English, not from a specific government, but from the UN's UN's technical committee. Again, this is not exclusively about COVID-19, but everyone can be sure to get the latest and most most reliable state of affairs.

With this, Instagram has made two of the most reliable sources for health questions, specifically also around Corona, permanently available to users. The WHO ad is also standard internationally, while the second account is determined regionally is determined. What in Germany is the Federal Ministry of Health, in England, for example, is the NHS (National Health Service).

Corona clues in stories, feed posts and reels

Also, specific searches for #corona or #covid19 will cause Instagram to immediately suggests the official channels of WHO and co. In many stories and feed posts on this topic, Instagram inserts also inserts a small hint that takes the user to further information. further information.

This is no coincidence, because Instagram itself has made it clear that it takes its role as a platform very seriously. In no way do they want to be accused of spreading misinformation, which is why no Corona posts should appear in their recommendations should also not appear Corona contributions that do not come from from reliable sources.

Fact-checking and deleting dubious accounts.

Misinformation and conspiracy claims are a major problem during the pandemic. Instagram knows this, too, and is taking action against it. Basically, Instagram classifies the topic of COVID-19 as sensitive Dubious posts are not displayed on the so-called Explore Page

Furthermore, Instagram reserves the right (in coordination with the T&Cs) to to delete posts and accounts that spread clear misinformation around Corona spread. In doing so, they will be guided by the official guidelines of WHO and other recognized health organizations. In addition, there shall be according to Instagram, have independent reviewers looking into it, which posts are not only questionable, but false thus harmful

Even product ads that make reference to Corona are being scrutinized more closely by Instagram. For example, it is not allowed to use to use scare tactics to suggest that products need to be purchased immediately. must be purchased immediately. Promising a cure is also prohibited and can lead to a Blocking of the account lead.

We stay at home sticker

So we see, Instagram is already doing a lot to make the platform a place of sharing and readily available information, while at the same time protecting itself and its users from maliciousness. want.

But it doesn't stop there: Instagram is also intended to strengthen cohesion be. So all users can post a sticker in their stories, which shows: We stay at home Especially at the beginning of the pandemic millions of people showed quickly and clearly that they would abide by quarantine rules and contact reduction.

In addition to We're staying home, Instagram has also added the Sticker #Thank you to all the helpers added, which is meant to express the importance of those who keep our world running running.

Donate Sticker

For those who want to make their contribution by doing more than just following the Rules, can also very quickly and easily donate or call for donations via Instagram. However, this is not exclusively about Corona.

This feature is open to everyone, and the charities listed charitable organizations need not only in these times Support. Who the donation sticker in his Story can, for example, support the German Cancer Aid, DKMS Germany or Save the Children. or Save the Children.

Support Small Businesses/Support small businesses.

Especially for the Corona era, the sticker "Support Small Businesses" was introduced, which we know in Germany known as "Support Small Businesses" In these crazy months, a lot of businesses are getting a lot richer - only these are ...they're often the companies that were pretty big and successful before the pandemic... and successful before the pandemic.

Lockdown, lockdown-light, protective measures - whatever we call it, it's primarily small businesses that are currently facing major problems. That makes it all the more important to support these businesses. Instagram is making that especially clear with their Support Small Business Sticker Instagram asks you, after clicking the sticker, to tag your favorite small business so that all of your followers can see can see who you're rooting for these days.

How we've changed on Instagram

When parties are cancelled, we can't go to football and travel isn't an option, then we have to find other things to do - so we're on the on the internet more often than we were before the pandemic ( Source ).

But as we humans are, we make the best of a difficult situation. Social media channels like Instagram get used, to keep in touch with friends and to follow the latest happenings in the the world. After all, we no longer find out by chance in a bar or at a family reunion what important topics are at the moment - we use for this Instagram and the like.

When talking about how Corona has changed Instagram, it's not enough to just talk about the official changes. Because every user has a different way of using Instagram, too. So the Reel feature is used by many People to document the progress of small projects in lockdown. Some people are renovating their apartments and houses, others are learning a new Hobby or getting in shape.

Other sources besides the official ones

Even non-official Corona information is becoming more accessible through Instagram accessible. News sites are reporting little heartwarming stories of neighborhood helps or fundraisers. Comedy accounts bring the latest developments not dryly to the reader via text, but wrap it all up in memes. In Stories or Reels, Corona topics are packaged into short skits. The Creativity in dealing with this difficult situation knows no bounds.

Instagram and Corona in the future

Since December 2020, many countries around the world have been busy vaccinating. Thus one of the latest changes on Instagram is that even questions around vaccinations will be considered sensitive by the app and will thus be tagged with hints.

This and other changes could be a hint, how Instagram will handle such and similar issues in the future. After all, Instagram's reactions are not exclusive to COVID-19. relate. Bullying, discrimination and radicalization are also - not only on Instagram - repeatedly a contentious issue.

Thus, it's reasonable to suspect that Instagram's pandemic response in the coming years as a kind of roadmap for further "problems" could be used. Political conflicts, environmental disasters, online crime - this is where Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and co. have faced more frequently in the past due to a lack of countermeasures. received. It would be easy to imagine such a far-reaching COVID-19 will soon become standard for other complex issues. issues will become standard.


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